Contempo Franchise

franchise How it reall y works?
Step 1: Like the concept? Want to start
your own Business/new Business? Submit an online inquiry
Step 2: Contact
Once we have your inquiry, member of our franchise team will contact you; share required information regarding the process and provide you with franchise application.
Step 3: Franchise application
Once we receive complete application form, our franchise team will analyze it and share further details of available franchise options.
Step 4: Preliminary Approval
After checking available franchise options and receiving approval on background and credit check from franchise team, the top management will decide on the preliminary approval
Step 5: Final Approval Process
Upon receiving preliminary approval, you will be called in for a brand induction session which will include meetings with the board members, on job exposure for 3-4 days at one of one of our outlets and feedback session after completion of on job exposure.
Step 6: Franchise Agreement
Upon final approval from the top management and franchise team; you will be required to sign legally bound Franchise agreement.
Step 7: Location Selection
Based on franchise option selection, right location has to be identified and secured.
Step 8: Opening and Support
With the unparallel opening support, you will open your first outlet ready for business
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