Cone Street’s Italian Gelato is made with fresh milk, fresh eggs, pure fine sugar, fresh cream, and other natural ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, vanilla beans, etc. Gelato is made daily and it is healthy compared to industrially manufactured ice-creams. There are no chemical preservatives included in our recipes.

Cone Street Gelato also has less sugar and fat and we don’t use any artificial flavorings. All ingredients are prepared and mixed by hand to preserve the supreme, uncompromising taste of our products.

We prepare our products with the best ingredients we can find in the market and we also import ingredients from Italy. The secret of a good gelato is the freshness.

Cone Street has the flexibility to be opened as flagship stores of 200sqm or we can place small kiosks (3m x 3m) inside the mall’s atriums. We can also place the kiosks in outside areas or along the beach front. There is also the possibility of offering restaurants or hotels our kiosks with or without our logo on the products.

Our range of products is not only limited to Gelato. We serve Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, Sticks, Fresh Juices, Smoothies and Coffee.

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